That Did NOT Go Good..

autism-signOver the weekend, I had a slumber party for my 10-year-old.  It was his only birthday request, so I honored it.  I allowed him to invite whoever he wanted to come over.  He ended up inviting 6 kids.  I knew Austin would get upset about the kids being in his space (and them being loud), so I decided that it would be better to let Austin go over to my sister’s house for the night while I deal with all the chaos.   Needless to say, it was definitely chaos… but Jacob had a BLAST!  He absolutely loved it and it made me feel good to make something only about him for a change. He is often put on the back burner due to things happening with Austin and that is not fair.  I try not to let it happen, but sometimes it still does. 

After the slumber party, I took kids home and picked Austin back up.  We went over to another birthday party (my god daughters. :)) before we went home.   Once we arrived, Austin ran to the back yard.. however, within seconds, I heard screaming. He started screaming that a boy hit him in the head with a ball on purpose. (he didn’t- they were playing basketball)  I was able to get him to calm down with the help of my friends husband.  But right before we left, He pee’d his pants.  At that point, the show was over!   His hands were literally trembling. I felt so bad for him. He can not stand being around a group of kids.  🙁  We decided to leave the party early.  Once in the car and then home, he was perfect. 


Austin goes to school with no real problems…. I then get a call from social services around 11am.  They inform me that Austin threatened to kill himself and a child because he was mad.  She said that she did speak to him and he was not serious.. however, that we need to watch that with him.  Then, My husband gets a call from Mr. Eddie (Austin’s Teacher – God bless all special education teachers!).  Mr. Eddie tells my husband that he had to restrain Austin due to Austin trying to hit him.  He said Austin tried to run out the class room and he tried to stop him, Austin then put his fist up in face. That is when he had to restrain him and then Austin calmed down. 

Now get this… ALL of this – ALL OF IT…. was over his pencil not sharpening the right way!!!!! 


I’m wore out and it’s not even Wednesday yet!